I have been fascinated by the shape and sound of the violin since early childhood and even during my days at Art College in England where I studied Painting, Sculpture and Textile Design, I played the violin and had a desire to make them. I have also played the saxophone and flute since that time.

Much later, after retraining in Graphic Design and years in Advertising and teaching Graphic Design at Monash University in Victoria (Chisholm Campus), a spell in a popular Rock band of the day, some work in music retailing and general gigging around Melbourne playing Violin and Saxophone and Flute, I eventually started to study, repair and make violins. That was in 1975 and has continued to this day.

In 1991 I came to Western Australia and concentrated more on making than repairing.

Violin based on the
Kochanski Guarnerius
del Gesu of 1741

Baroque Guitar based
on a Stradivari at the
Ashmolean Museum

Viola based on a
Gasparo da Salo


Arthur Robinson    Violin Maker

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