Arthur Robinson

Violin Maker
(Violin, Viola, Cello, Modern and Baroque, and other Early Bowed Instruments)

Arthur Robinson
Has decided to retire from active work in Instrument Making and Repairing owing to the development of Osteoarthritis which has reached a stage where it will begin to affect his work.

He will be selling all tools, plant, stock of wood, patterns, templates, jigs and moulds.
Manufacturing note books and an extensive library will also be included.

Dependent upon location, he is willing to help and teach anyone who purchases the workshop
and serious enquiries should be directed to him via Phone or Email.


PO Box 91, CHIDLOW, Western Australia, 6556.

Phone/Fax: 61 (08) 9572 3118




When I started to put this Website together I began writing it in the third person. The result was rather formal and boring so I decided to be myself and just tell you, the visitor, what I do and why. Now click onto one of these pages and see what Iím about.




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