Other Early Instruments

I have made a Violone in C and am currently making one in G for the same customer. The rest of the Viola da Gamba family, including Bass Lyra Gamba, are also part of my output and I have made Baroque Guitar, Minstrel Harp and make Rebecs and Medieval Fiddles.

Antonio Stradivari Guitar Copy

The rosette of my Antonio Stradivari
Guitar copy, made from three 1mm pieces of
Huon Pine, the remainder being traditional woods.

Minstrel Harp

Minstrel Harp (32 strings)
made from Jarrah and King Billy Pine.
These native Australian woods
were used by specific request.

Uniquely Australian Bass Lyra Gamba

This instrument is based on the 16/17th C. John Rose Bass Lyra, but is not in any way a copy. The string length is slightly longer than the original and its appearance is uniquely Australian with the peg carved into the shape of a Frilled Neck Lizard and decorated with painted Western Australian Wildflowers.


Instrument Copies

Copies can be made of particular instruments but without the usual antiquing of the surfaces. I feel very strongly that the instrument will age better by normal use and that imitation "wear and tear" will in turn become "worn and torn", eventually producing an ugly result. If the copying of an instrument is to be contemplated and I am unable to see and measure it, very accurate photographs and measurements would have to be supplied. Prices for copy instruments vary and require special quotes.

Vincenzo Panormo violin copy

Copy of a Vincenzo Panormo violin commissioned by and made for
Ashley Arbuckle the then Leader of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra


I can supply good quality cases and, where required, a fibreglass case can be made to fit the instrument exactly. Packing, shipping and insurance costs need to be quoted individually.


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